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Frequently asked Questions

If you have a service or repair request, please click on the service request.

Here you are able to find all the frequently asked questions in regarding to your rental agreement, administration and maintenance for your home. Is your question not listed here? We are more than happy to help you. Please contact us thru the service request form below.

Rental agreement

You may terminate the tenancy agreement by sending notice of termination by registered post. The notice of termination must be dated and signed, and must state the address of the rented home. Please bear in mind the notice period stated in your tenancy agreement.

Please note that in some cases you must also send the notice of termination to your landlord. That information can be found in the tenancy agreement.

If you wish to make alterations to the leased property, you must request your landlord’s approval. We will assess your request and may make further agreements on the exact details. In order for us to approve the alterations, please supply the following documents:

– a sketch or plan of the current situation;
– a sketch or plan of the proposed alterations;
– an itemised quotation, if any, from the supplier you intend to use; and
– if no quotation is available, a step-by-step plan clearly describing the proposed work.

You may send this information, including the form, by e-mail to your contact person or using the contact form on the contact page.

If, as a tenant of office or business space, you wish to transfer the lease to another party due to the sale, acquisition or change of the legal form of your company, you will need your landlord’s permission. You may then file a substitution request. In order for us to process the substitution request, please download the form below and send it by e-mail to your contact person or using the general contact form on this website.

Please note that a substitution may involve costs. We will inform you of those costs beforehand.